Our Senior Advisors

DTCP's senior advisors complement our team's sector knowledge with their diverse expertise and leadership experience. Meet the people who help us move ideas forward.

Dr. Orna Berry
Computer Scientist, High-Tech Entrepreneur and Business Executive
Marco Börries
CEO & Founder, Enfore AG
Trevor Healy
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Sansa Advisors
Dr. Rainer Hillebrand
Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, Otto Group
Jay Eum
Co-Founder, TransLink Capital
Lars Hinrichs
Supervisory Board, Deutsche Telekom AG
Tim Höttges
CEO, Deutsche Telekom AG
Prof. Dr. Sc. Nat. Michael Kaschke
Former President & CEO, Zeiss Group
Dr. Karl Lamprecht
President & CEO, Zeiss Group
Thorsten Langheim
Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, USA and Group Development
Adriel Lares
CFO, Fastly Inc.
Michael Sommer
Fmr. Supervisory Board, Deutsche Telekom AG
Dragos Stefanescu
Founder and President, Sitka Global Advisory Service
Helena Svancar
Head of M&A, Ericsson