5,000 km + 3 Men + 1 Rowing Boat = Save Our Oceans

5,000 kilometers and 50 days later, York Hovest and the Heroes Of The Sea (H.O.T.S.) crew rowed from the Canary Islands to Barbados to raise awareness for our oceans.

The Atlantic crossing is supposed to encourage others to not simply standby and watch our oceans become polluted, but for every one of us to become active and make a difference. Their message is a uniting one, "With the Atlantic crossing we form a bridge between the continents and thus clarify the globality of our concern. For we must all solve the problems of the oceans together," says York Hovest.

York Hovest and his rowing trio was the first German team to cover the 5,000 km of open waters without an accompanying rescue or support boat, and they did that in 50 days. 

DTCP is proud to have sponsored this trio on their clean oceans mission.


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H.O.T.S.'s preparations

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