Microsoft Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Affirmed Networks

Microsoft announces agreement to acquire Affirmed Networks, to deliver new opportunities for a global 5G ecosystem.

Anand Krishnamurthy, Affirmed Networks President and CEO, shared today the news that Microsoft has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Affirmed Networks. 

Affirmed Network's announcement explains that "upon the close of this transaction, Affirmed Networks, the industry-transforming leader in virtualization and 5G, will become part of Microsoft." 

Microsoft explains the reason behind the acquisition in their blog post. "The next (fifth) generation of wireless networks, or '5G', will enable a host of new opportunities for businesses and society, including autonomous vehicles, smart cities, virtual reality, and a range of other smart industry use-cases and services. These next-generation networks will create new capabilities, new markets and help advance local economies.

"As we’ve seen with other technology transformations, we believe that software can play an important role in helping advance 5G and deliver new network solutions that offer step-change advancements in speed, cost, and security. There is a significant opportunity for both incumbents and new players across the industry to innovate, collaborate and create new markets, serving the networking and edge computing needs of our mutual customers.

"At Microsoft, we intend to empower the telecommunications industry as it continues its move to 5G and support operators’ efforts to find solutions that are faster, easier and cost effective. Today, I am pleased to announce that we have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Affirmed Networks," says Azure Networking President and CEO Yousef Khalidi. "Affirmed Networks’ fully virtualized, cloud-native mobile network solutions enable operators to simplify network operations, reduce costs and rapidly create and launch new revenue-generating services."

Krishnamurthy expresses gratitude to their customers because it was through "working together, [that] we have created a model for mobile networks of the future that is open, cloud-native and capable of being web-scale, all at 70% of the cost of traditional networks. We have been their partner of choice as they prepare for fifth generation (5G) networks and infrastructure. Now, the combined technologies of Microsoft and Affirmed will further accelerate this momentous shift."

DTCP is excited that Affirmed Networks—together with Microsoft—will begin the next phase of their journey to transform the industry through more innovation and growth.


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