DTCP is investing in Dremio. Here is why.

At DTCP, we believe in continuous innovation and work with people who shape the future of enterprise technology, today.

The volume and complexity of business-relevant data across industries is increasing rapidly, making data infrastructure and data systems fundamentally important. While many companies use cloud-based data warehouses, the complexity and costs of data warehouses and the associated ETL are prohibitive. Cloud data lakes allow for lower-cost storage and processing, and provide a more flexible architecture, but come with the challenges of data governance and self-service data analysis, especially for less technical individuals who are not engineers.                                                       

This is where Dremio comes into play. Dremio offers a combination of a SQL-based query engine with transparent query acceleration (Dremio Reflections), and a semantic layer (Dremio Spaces) designed to provide a self-service experience for analysts. In addition, Dremio’s database connectors also enable users to run analytics on data that’s outside the lake, including databases and data warehouses, with a seamless and familiar user experience based on ANSI SQL.

While data warehouses and data lakes each have advantages for different use cases, Dremio‘s SQL lakehouse platform is a pioneering comprehensive solution that enables business analysts to query data from different sources for business intelligence, SQL, and data science applications. Offering the best of both worlds, Dremio helps reduce the total cost of ownership of the architecture while retaining strong data governance capabilities. "We’ve enabled the data lake to support BI workloads of the most mission-critical nature. For example, three of the Fortune Five companies are running Dremio in production today for these types of use cases." - Tomer Shiran, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Dremio.

We are excited to support Dremio on its journey to establish the SQL lake house as the de-facto standard approach for data analytics in the cloud.                          

Dremio was founded in 2015. The company is led by CEO Billy Bosworth, who was previously CEO of DataStax, board member at Tableau and is a seasoned executive with over 30 years experience in the enterprise data industry.

Dremio has seen staggering growth in recent years as companies migrate to the cloud and realize the benefits of open data architectures. We expect the addressable market to grow to over $17 billion by 2026 and Dremio is well positioned to lead this category.                                   

We are thrilled to announce our investment as part of Dremio’s Series E fundraise! We are excited to work with Billy, Tomer and their great team who will shape the future of data infrastructure in the years to come!