• On 15 September 2016, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP) formally inaugurated its global headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Picture (from left to right): Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG, Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of the City of Hamburg, Vicente Vento, Co-Founder and CEO of DTCP.

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  • Reuters reports that Deutsche Telekom's venture capital arm has sold two assets in the technology branch at returns of more than 100 percent. In a personal interview with CEO Vicente Vento, Reuters explores more details on DTCP's investment scope and strategy. DTCP is looking for disruptive and defendable business models such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, and SaaS. The company follows a strategic, structured approach to valuations; We do not go for "gut feeling", says Vento.

  • Christian Götz, Head of Technology, media, entertainment & telecoms at BDO explores how traditional telecoms companies can learn from the disruptive power of innovative technology startups.
    He states that innovative collaboration projects like Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners may uncover the next rapid growth areas for the telecoms sector in the near future and that traditional telecoms need to invest into innovation, and learn from the disruptive power of Startups.

  • The Tel Aviv startup is developing technology to let audiences at home or directors in the studio see replays at any angle they want. It’s Intel’s third big Israeli acquisition in the last few years.

    Just a week ago, the young sports company Replay Technologies announced it reeled in $13.5 million for what seems like the ultimate tech for the obsessive sports fan: Matrix-like instant replays from any angle.

  • When German communications giant Deutsche Telekom last year helped to launch a new investment firm, it opened an office in Menlo Park and put its former M&A chief in charge, Vicente Vento.

    Vento's unit takes over the venture activity Deutsche Telekom had been doing since 1998 through T- Venture, but his new group is designed to be more independent.

  • Cisco, Verizon Ventures, Deutsche Telekom Strategic Investments, and Swisscom all had a whip-round to raise $25 million and hand it over to Kumu to help it keep up the good work.

    Kumu Networks’ full-duplex technology is a rare technological breakthrough that offers substantial benefit to a multitude of wireless modalities.