Connecting people, capital and ideas.

DTCP is an autonomous investment management group investing in growth equity and digital infrastructure. The firm has raised more than $1.0bn from corporate and institutional investors.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

We believe that the convergence of communication networks and devices with the internet is creating more wealth, disrupting more businesses, and unleashing more innovation than any force in the history of technology.

We invest behind our belief of the great benefit to society of ubiquitous connectivity and a fully digitized society.

Growth Equity

We invest growth equity in leading enterprise application and infrastructure software companies. Our focus is on revenue-generating companies in the expansion and late growth stages. Our investment decisions are supported by DTCP Flightpath, a proprietary data-driven benchmark and valuation framework trained on sector and stage focus.

Digital Infrastructure

We invest in mobile access, fiber and data center infrastructure. We focus on European digital infrastructure assets at various stages of maturity, including green and brownfield, and established operations. We back great management teams and partner with leading corporate and financial sponsors.


We help our corporate sponsors and portfolio companies on strategic matters including technology, business development and strategic investments, with the goal of creating value and strengthening our global network of relationships.