Open Dutch Fiber Surpasses 850k Homes Passed Milestone

Bunnik, 2 June 2023 - Open Dutch Fiber (ODF), the leading provider of fiber optic services, proudly announces a significant achievement in its mission to bring high-speed internet, TV and other services to households across the Netherlands. Just three months after reaching the  milestone of 600,000 homes, the company has now surpassed the 850,000 homes by the end of May 2023. The goal of reaching 1 million homes this year is approaching faster than originally planned.

"We are thrilled to have achieved this milestone ", said CEO Floris van den Broek. "It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing reliable, lightning-fast connectivity to Dutch communities. We will continue to accelerate our efforts, empowering even more homes with fiber optics."

ODF continuously screens the market for additional non-organic growth opportunities, including the acquisition of existing fiber networks as well as fiber networks currently under construction.

ODF is the largest independent open-access supplier of fiber optic connections in the Netherlands.  Several internet providers are already active on the network, including T-Mobile, Trined, and Freedom Internet, which benefit from offering end-users best-in-class fiber connections through upgrading customers from older types of broadband infrastructure (mainly DSL and Coax). ODF strives to provide competitive services via its fiber optic network to as many homes in the Netherlands as possible, while continuously contributing to the digitization in the Netherlands.

Open Dutch Fiber remains dedicated to expanding its network and delivering cutting-edge connectivity solutions to enhance the lives of individuals and businesses nationwide.

About ODF

Open Dutch Fiber, the leading independent, open-access Fiber-to-the-Home platform in the Netherlands, builds and operates its network in urban and semi-urban areas and provides high-quality fiber optic connections to Dutch homes and businesses. The platform, with shareholders KKR and DTCP, has an open architecture and makes fiber optic services available to all operators in the Netherlands.