Sustainability Reports

When we designed our ESG commitments in 2022, we also committed to transparency in sharing our progress and learnings. You will be able to see the steps we have taken, the processes we have established, and the actions we are currently undertaking to create sustainable value for our stakeholders.

You can read about the progress that we have made since then to further our ESG goals – and about what we wish to achieve in the coming years.

Carbon Net Zero

We strongly believe that digital transformation has the potential to reduce the overall carbon footprint and enable low-carbon technologies across the broader economy. We have committed to the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions for our Digital Infrastructure Fund (DIV II) by 2040, and we took steps throughout 2022 to help our portfolio companies to prepare for a net zero world.


  • We pledged to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 for all our DIV II portfolio companies
  • We initiated calculation of GHG footprint at all our portfolio companies
  • We completed a GHG footprint for DTCP operations
  • We committed to integrate sustainable investments of up to 20% in the DIV II portfolio – and surpassed our commitment for the reporting period with a 67% share of sustainable investments
  • We embedded ESG due diligence in our investment decisions and material ESG considerations into each phase of the investment lifecycle
  • We used the findings of our ESG due diligence as a foundation for dialogues with our investments to define/redefine their ESG objectives where necessary
  • We institutionalized ESG reporting for all our investments
  • We supported collaboration and knowledge-sharing of ESG best-practices across our portfolio companies
  • We embedded ambitious ESG targets and incorporated our performance against those targets into our own remuneration policy


  • We continue to support our portfolio companies to develop decarbonization strategies that cater for both immediate-term progress during expected growth and longer-term Net Zero transition
  • We enhance our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our own business and focus on employee growth and accelerated career development to improve access to opportunities for underrepresented groups
  • We strengthen our corporate citizenship activities and implement a charitable employee program to enable our employees to participate and engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • We continue to focus on key sustainability disclosure frameworks such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR) and the UN PRI to ensure that we meet their requirements